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Modern Tools for Stellar Care

State-of-the-Art Technology

At Mansfield Orthodontics, we are dedicated to giving our patients a stellar experience. We invest in the latest dental technology to ensure that your consultation, treatment planning, and procedure is as comfortable as possible. With Dr. Mindy’s skillful care and our advanced equipment, we are able to deliver exceptional results for every patient.

iTero Scanner

itero screen in office

The iTero intraoral scanner provides increased accuracy for treatment planning and creating clear aligners without the goop and gag! In one quick scan, we can take highly detailed pictures of teeth, bone, and tissue. Dr. Mindy is passionate about eliminating messy, goopy impressions that create a negative experience for you or your children. With the digital scanner, this appointment will be quicker and 1,000 times more pleasant.

Vatech Pan/Ceph Machine

dental x-ray machine

Unlike traditional x-rays, our pan/ceph machine allows us to take images of your entire mouth and head in one scan rather than a few teeth at a time. This machine provides ultra low dose of radiation while providing the highest quality digital images. This is useful for studying your jaw and the position of your teeth relative to one another, and it gives Dr. Mindy a more thorough, accurate view of your mouth. With this equipment, we are able to diagnose orthodontic issues with accuracy and develop a treatment plan that addresses every need.

Paperless Office

close up of computer and hands typing

Our processes are streamlined because we want to interact with patients in the most effective, efficient way. Modern orthodontic appointments should be as easy and simple as possible, so we offer most forms via email. This means that you can fill out forms when it’s most convenient for you, or in our office using an iPad. We offer follow-up messages in whatever form is most convenient for you because we want to set you and your family up for success.

Digital Photography

dental x-ray machine

At Mansfield Orthodontics, we take digital images of your treatment progress to ensure that your smile transformation is documented thoroughly. These photos are also a helpful tool that allows us to communicate seamlessly and effectively with you about your treatment needs. Every few months, we will take progress photos to ensure that your treatment is on track.