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Metal Braces in Mansfield

Traditional metal braces have been used for orthodontic treatment for decades, and they are often the best option if you have serious bite and alignment issues. Along with related treatments and surgeries, traditional braces can be used to treat almost any orthodontic problem. Not sure if braces are right for you or your child? Call today to book a free consultation with Dr. Mindy.

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Are Braces Right for Me?

Candidates for Braces

Traditional metal braces are one of the most versatile methods of orthodontic correction. They are very powerful and are able to shift teeth that are severely crooked, rotated, overcrowded, or gapped. If you have more serious orthodontic issues, metal braces may be the best way to correct the position of your teeth.

What to Expect

The Metal Braces Treatment Process

After Dr. Mindy approves you for treatment, she will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan. During your first appointment, a series of low-profile metal brackets will be bonded to your teeth. Then, a metal "archwire" will be run through these brackets. This arch is then secured in place by closing the door on the bracket or a series of colorful elastic rubber bands.

Every 4-8 weeks throughout your treatment, you’ll come back to our office for an adjustment. Over time, these regular adjustments will shift your teeth and correct the position of your bite and jaw.

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Unique Advantages

Benefits of Braces

  • This versatile orthodontic treatment can correct a wide range of issues and give you a confident smile.
  • Braces can straighten misaligned teeth, and contribute to healthy gums and teeth. Your smile is a major part of your self-esteem and confidence, and braces ensure that your teeth look their best.
  • If your teeth are severely malpositioned, braces can help improve your speech and the appearance of your facial structure.

 Correct Orthodontic Issues

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