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Ceramic Braces in Mansfield

Ceramic braces combine the subtle appearance of treatments like Invisalign with the power of traditional braces to give you a straight, beautiful smile. Ceramic braces use special tooth-colored brackets that match the color of your teeth, which means that your treatment will be subtle and discreet. Call today to book a free consultation!

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why choose ceramic?

Benefits of Ceramic Braces

  • A discreet option that doesn't require you to remember to take them off or put them back on. This means that treatment is always in progress!
  • Treatment is versatile and can correct just about any smile or bite issue
  • The unique materials used for ceramic braces are gentle and do not cause inflammation
  • Ceramic braces are subtle and do not affect your appearance as much as some other orthodontic options

What to Expect

The Ceramic Braces Treatment Process

It takes about 30-45 minutes at Mansfield Orthodontics to place ceramic braces. Dr. Mindy will begin by selecting a set of tooth-colored or transparent brackets. Then, she will bond each one into place using dental cement. Once your brackets have been placed, archwires will be run through your upper and lower brackets. The archwire will be attached using a series of tooth-colored or transparent elastics. After your first appointment, you’ll simply come back to Mansfield Orthodontics every 4-8 weeks to have your ceramic braces tightened and adjusted.

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